Do Something Truly Memorable This Valentine’s Day

Want to do something out of the ordinary for the special person in your life for Valentine’s Day this year?

Sure, you can get your loved one a card and flowers to express your love, but five years from now, will they remember it?

But if the hopeless romantic in you prevails this year, you can send a truly memorable Valentine’s Day gift to someone thanks to 3 Dads & a Lad.

A Singing Valentine

Nothing says “you’re special” like a professional a cappella quartet serenading your loved one on Valentine’s Day.

If you want to make Valentine’s Day fun and unique this year, send a Singing Valentine to your loved one from 3 Dads & a Lad.

To order a Singing Valentine, just fill-out the order form below.

There is NO CHARGE to send a Singing Valentine. A Donation is appreciated and benefits the Red Rose Chorus.

(Note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Singing Valentines will be delivered virtually, by video, this year.)

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